murals for sports houses


Every year during term two students and teachers are engaged in sports competitions. The Vide Bouteille Secondary School House System is a means of developing, identifying and showcasing sporting and academic prowess as well as engendering qualities of team-sprit, commitment and school pride. The school population is randomly placed into one of four houses. The houses at the Vide Bouteille Secondary School are named after national treasures and icons. The four houses are Carenage, Diamond, Jacquot and Piton.


Carenage was named after the Castries Habour, which is historically the major port for sea based commercial activity in St. Lucia and the foundation upon which many of the pillars of the country’s existence were grounded. The house is identified by the colour green and is sometimes affectionately known as the ‘Green Giant’. In keeping with its namesake, Carenage is noted for its strength, tenacity and heart. It lives by the credo ‘no retreat – no surrender’.


Diamond was named after the Diamond Falls located in the volcanically rich environs of the Soufriere region. The falls are credited with healing properties derived from its sulphur and mineral enriched waters which have proven precious to royalty, tourists and locals alike. The house is identified by the colour yellow and in keeping with the philosophy that ‘Diamonds are forever’, has been aformidable, longstanding and dominant force in the school’s inter-house landscape for many years.


Jacquot is unique among the houses in that it is the only one named after the fauna of the country, specifically and equally unique, the Amazona Versicolour or Jacquot. The vibrancy of this native bird in its red breasted brilliance as it inhabits the lofty canopy of the rain forest, is keenly mimicked by the Jacquot house as it has consistently attained great heights in its pursuits. The house is aptly identified by the colour red and continues to be a powerful and assertive entity within the school.


Piton is named after the most iconic treasures of St. Lucia—Gros and Petit Piton. The Pitons at 2,619 feet and 2,461 feet respectively have been attracting and captivating many from around the world, who often exercise their ambitions of summiting the peaks of these two extinct volcanoes. The Piton house has captured the essence of their twin namesakes with their passionately articulated motto of ‘Piton to the top’. The house is identified by the colour blue. Its spirited and resilient nature has provided it occasion to revel in the payoffs of its ambition.


During the Academic year 2016/2017 the concept of Club Friday was birthed. The purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to be engaged in constructive activities that are not solely academic. Every Friday from 1:10 to 2:45 pm students are engaged in various activities both on and off the school compound.
Available to students are:
(a) Swimming (l) Netball
(b) Dance (m) Football
(c) Drama (n) Cosmetology
(d) Table Tennis (o) Science
(e) Lawn Tennis
(f) Steel Pan
(g) Basketball
(h) Cricket
(i) Choir
(j) High Jump/ Pole Volt
(k) Band

Band is one of the clubs that students participate in.

Religious Knowledge Groups

Also birthed during the Academic year 2016/2017 was the concept of Religious Knowledge classes. Every Tuesday from 8:15 to 9:00 am students are engaged in Religious Knowledge sessions. Religious Knowledge groups available to students are:
(a) Roman Catholic (b) Pentecostal (c) Jehovah’s Witness
(d) Inter Schools’ Christian Fellowship (e) Seventh Day Adventist